Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not even a thank you?

While hubby and I were doing some running around last night (returning some stuff, buying some stuff, getting take-out for dinner, etc.), I mentioned we would have just enough time to stop in Goodwill for a sec. He sat in the car while I ran in.

I have withdrawals if I don’t get to go to Goodwill EVERY DAY. Unfortunately it has gotten to me and I’m obsessed. I hit one on my way home from work and I like to go to another one near my house sometime before they close at 9pm.

When I enter through the doors, I always look to see who’s working the registers. I kinda hang my head or look in a different direction because I know they think I’m sick because I come in there EVERY DAY. They’re probably thinking geez doesn’t that lady have anything else to do with her life?

Anyway, I ran in and glimpsed at the racks of clothes on my way back to the furniture section. I looked at some crap stuff that has been there for quite a while and moved on over to the housewares section (I have my routine, don’t you?). I found a small plaque with a knob on it that will be perfect for hanging my daughter’s bulletin board. There wasn’t much else to look at so I proceeded to the check-out line.

I was the last person in line. When it got to be my turn, the cashier (who I’ve seen a million times) was calling over a coworker and asked if she could borrow a dollar from him until she saw him again the next day. I assumed she wanted to buy herself a drink from the soda machine. When he said he only had a 20 dollar bill, she said she would get change when I paid because the cash register drawer would open. Well … I paid for my $2.99 plaque with a debit card because I only had $2 in my wallet. The drawer didn’t open. I guess I felt bad because I pulled out one of my dollar bills and handed it to her. She looked at the other guy and said “Oh, she gave me a dollar.” The coworker said that’s nice of you (to me). I told them I’m in there practically every day (little lie) so I’ll see them again.

ANYWAY … long story short, the cashier NEVER said thank you. I actually said thank you to her when I was leaving … like thank you for ringing up my purchase. I know if I hadn’t loaned her that dollar, it would have been on my mind all night and I know I shouldn’t expect to ever get it back, but I really though I would’ve gotten a dang thank you.


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